Nitish Kumar To Side With BJP On President, Sonia Gandhi Informed Too

Nitish Kumar To Side With BJP On President, Sonia Gandhi Informed Too

Nitish Kumar, Bihar’s chief minister, decided to join the Narendra Modi government and recalled Ram Nath Kovind for the president, his party’s top leaders announced today.

The head of government will meet earlier this afternoon with his party mates, including Sharad Yadav, and officially announce that they will not support the opposition if he puts his own candidate, a decision that M. Kumar would have spent Monday in the leader Sonia Gandhi and his partner Lalu Yadav later Mr. Kovind was nominated BJP candidate.

Ratnesh Sada, the main scourge of the Bihar Assembly Janata Dal-Unidas, Mr Kumar said that the Minister had informed party leaders that the party will support Mr Kovind. “This is the first time that the governor of Bihar was elected to the post of President. We all support, Prime Minister restriction … It is good for Bihar,” said Mr. Sada reporters in Patna today.

Ram Nath Kovind, 71, who is Dalit, was governor of Bihar until the BJP chose him as a candidate for president surprised. The Minister congratulated Kumar many Kovind to serve as impartial governor.

In supporting Mr. Kovind for President, M. Kumar will compete in the ranks with a block of 18 opposition members expected to meet tomorrow in a session chaired by Sonia Gandhi. It was Nitish Kumar who first suggested to Mrs. Gandhi at a meeting in April that took the initiative to call a joint opposition candidate for president.

Parties like the left and Congress have the desire for an election for the president. The BJP and its allies, with the support of regional parties, hold 60 percent of the vote, but the left said an election is a necessity as a “battle of ideologies.”

An election, if necessary, will be held July 17 a week before the term of office of President Pranab Mukherjee.

In 2012, M. Kumar has broken with the National Alliance led by the BJP who was then part to support M. Mukherjee, who was the government’s candidate, rather than the opposition candidate PA Sangma.

The opposition intends to use this year’s presidential elections to demonstrate a new and growing unity that could challenge Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the general elections of 2019. However, after Mr. Kovind was appointed, heads the party Of Mayawati who are essential for a united front against the BJP, said that it is difficult to oppose a Dalit candidate and the risk of alienating the politically vital and lower caste community.

As an accountant, the left has suggested two Dalit options, both in Congress – former House Speaker Meira Kumar, and former union minister Sushil Kumar Shinde. But it belongs to his party to act on the proposal, said Raja D of the IPC yesterday.

M. Kumar manages Bihar, in association with RJD chief Lalu Yadav and Congress. With their children named in corruption by tax officials for allegedly acquiring a broad portfolio of property belonging to officials, Lalu Yadav was determined not to be seen on the same side as the center and has many pressure for an election, According to sources.

Congress is interested in a contest in its attempt to signal its importance despite its huge losses in a series of elections.

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