After Major Investors Insist, Uber Chief Travis Kalanick Resigns

After Major Investors Insist, Uber Chief Travis Kalanick Resigns

The CEO of Uber Technologies Inc., Travis Kalanick, resigned, limiting a number of controversies that shook the world’s largest technology company and exposed the fundamental problems in their male-dominated culture.

The one who most identifies with the world meteoric rise of the man who climbs the giant walk said that he gave in to the desires of the investors that he got out of the way, partly to avoid another conflict.

Uber has been harassed by this year’s drama of accusations of sexual harassment in the use of software for referral regulators.

The outgoing CEO joins a number of outlets, including entrepreneur Emil Michael and President Jeff Jones.

Kalanick admitted his leadership weaknesses after Bloomberg has posted a video showing the executive discussion with driver Uber, an incident that helped build resentment among his drivers. His departure comes just weeks after his mother’s death in a sailing accident.

“I love Uber almost everyone and at this difficult time in my personal life, I have accepted the request of investors for me to put aside so that I can return to Uber’s building instead of distracting myself with another fight,” said Kalanick it’s a statement. He will remain on the board, Uber said separately.

Kalanick’s resignation was previously reported by the New York Times.

Like the public face of Uber, Kalanick embodies the good start.

Earlier this month, he told staff plans to leave, leaving the company to be run by a management committee.

This month, the company shares the recommendations of an investigation that has entrusted to the growing workplace problems by the United States law firm Eric Holder. More than twenty people have been transferred as part of a separate investigation by another company.

Despite the recent turmoil, Uber’s rise in business. Revenues increased to $ 3.4 billion in the first quarter, while losses have declined, although they remain significant at 708 million.

Kalanick remains a billionaire has maintained his stake in the company, with a net worth of 6.7 billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg billionaire Index. Uber himself was valued at 69 billion dollars.

The company has tried to avoid pilot dropout by adding a feature to its application that allows customers to provide advice, a feature that was offered long ago by America’s top rival Lyft Inc.

The company also said it would begin to compensate drivers for canceled trips more than two minutes after booking and offer new insurance plans.

Garrett Camp, Uber Founder and Board Member, wrote an email to employees Tuesday, trying to build morale.

“This is a bold decision and a sign of his dedication and his love for Uber,” said Uber’s board of directors in an e-mailed statement in Kalanick.

“On leaving, it takes time to recover from his personal tragedy, while giving the company the opportunity to fully embrace this new chapter in Uber’s story.”

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