How to Crack UPSC IPS Exam in the first attempt?

To clean the UPSC exam on your first attempt, follow an appropriate strategy. The simple meaning of the strategy is careful planning to achieve something under given circumstances a specific time frame. Thinking about strategies to become an IPS officer in the first try, the most important thing that comes to mind is that we have to start preparing for a while and a lot of work. If these two things are not present, you may not even be able to take the first step is a preliminary review. This will lessen your motivation.

The best time to start preparing

The best time to start preparing mid-May or early June, shortly after graduating or graduation exams. If you go to the final exam or graduate in 2017 you should aim for the 2018 revision. Civilian This gives you an hour and a half to prepare for the examination of the main network card. There is enough time to succeed your first attempt.


primary objective

Always stay focused on its main focus, do not deviate. Always remember to clear the exam the first time. Most candidates usually prepare for different exams at the same time to play safely. In this case, your mind drifts.

You must realize that adequate preparation for the Public Service exam is not a part-time job. It is a fact that if you are totally dedicated to preparing for the examination of civil services without pursuing further studies, contests or work.

Your level of concentration will be at its peak, and this would give the best results. The desire to take a job or other and play safely leads to failure on all fronts. As the famous adage, “A man’s veil in two boats at the same time is not going anywhere. ”

Static candidates that appear and pass

Every year lakhs of students ask to be examined from the civil service, but among them, only a few lakhs people could master the courage to actually appear on the exam. There is not another competition where nearly 36 percent of candidates the idea that appear for the exam dropped.

And the reduced percentage of preliminary review changes every year, so it’s hard to say that the rate cut will be established this year. Therefore, it is advisable to prepare as hard as possible and appear to the examination in full confidence. If you look at the percentage of marks obtained by students in the 2013 civilian exam, you will see that candidates who received only 32.5 percent marks were called for an interview, and after adding marks The interview, those who got a total of only 38.5 percent got a job.

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