International Yoga Day 2017: How yoga in school can help students

International Yoga Day 2017: How yoga in school can help students

“Yoga is self-traveling through itself to itself.” – Bhagavad Gita

This beautiful and profound wisdom can help you understand the importance of yoga in life, and more openings in adolescence when the full development of a child – physical, emotional and social.

Yoga has always been an integral part of health and physical education, a compulsory subject since 1988.

The 2005 National Curriculum Framework adopted a holistic approach to health. Therefore, yoga has become an element of the “experiential training” part of informative education.
And life in school offers fun and leisure, but that does not make the student’s life without pressure.

One may think that these are just the older students who are faced with all the difficult times, but in fact even the first graders have become sensitive to academic pressure these days.

Why do schools introduce yoga:
Yoga brings great transformation that allows students to follow their regular school work without the flu
Yoga is not only concerned with physical well-being; it also provides a soothing effect on mental state, making it clear that the additional benefits of yoga convincing.

Educators are very interested in studying students in yoga. As for the main educational institutions, several studies and reports suggest that this practice is already in the picture.

Most parents encourage their children to enter these courses because they already know the benefits.
Here’s what teachers have to say:

“Stress is often considered a major hurdle in terms of student academic performance. Increased competition has increased stress and depression among students at an alarming rate.

As we all know, yoga emphasizes relief powers, so it can definitely be a stress for students, “says MeetaRai, Principal, DPS Indirapuram.

“For me, yoga is above all the usual physical exercises, as it paves the way for the disciplined lifestyle among students. It serves both the physical body and the psychological aspect of a person.

Little by little, you can develop a power to feel what is wrong and what is right, “said GeetaVarshneya, Director of Education, Khaitan Public School.

“It is equally important to use the brain with spiritual knowledge and practice, because we can not apply the knowledge gained in education without the common sense of the mind.

There are meditation practices that engage in yoga so that the conscious brain and subconscious segments can benefit. It is important to practice yoga exercises in general to benefit fully, “he added.

Full development of children includes physical growth. To do this it is necessary to fulfill all your nutritional needs and gym. Physical fitness improves endurance, motor skills, agility, etc.

The chances that a child, who sincerely practice yoga, perform well in any game is good. In this way, you open a career in the sport. The practice of yoga can also cause a sense of discipline, which flourished in all aspects of life.

In addition, 21st century students spend a lot of time in front of the computer, which could affect their posture and ultimately their health. However, performing asanas can help students mitigate the damage.

Managing stress can be difficult for anyone, and perhaps more so for students. A lot of emotions, positive and negative, could be dominant. If they can not find an outlet or expression, the stress could affect their concentration and memory.

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