Mumbai: Human rights body calls police’s bluff, unravels custodial death mystery

Mumbai: Human rights body calls police’s bluff, unravels custodial death mystery

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has received a morality injection of the Maharashtra Human Rights Commission (MSHRC) yesterday.

The Committee welcomed the agency for its investigation into the death of a 40-year resident of Dhobi Ghat in December 2012 at the Dharavi police station and ordered the director of state police to raise awareness of his staff against various violations Of human rights.

The President of MSHRC, Justice SR Bannurmath and MP MA Sayeed, passed the end of yesterday in the case based on evidence and the report prepared by the IWC.

A senior IWC official said: “The commission ordered the director of state police to ensure that cases of custody deaths refer to an independent investigative body such as the CBI and guidelines established by the Supreme Court to prevent Torture what SC says).

The order also focused on sensitizing the police in human rights and granting an interim measure Rs 1 lakh to the parents of the deceased. ”

The official said the MSHRC also appreciated the in-depth investigation by the IWC.
Assassinated by the state?

Julfar alias Kamu Rafiq Shaikh, a resident of Dhobi Ghat in Cuffe Parade, was captured with counterfeit money for R1.20 lakh November 29, 2012.

During interrogation, the sub-commissioner (API), Irfan Shaikh and his team have Dharavi police station supposed to fight with their own hands and with a transmission belt used in flour mills to try to obtain information. On the fourth day of his alleged torture, he collapsed and died within hours.

All the agents involved in the death of custody are still in use, but received lateral publications.

The criminal case – in which the ICC submitted a supplementary statement of objections dated July 21, 2015 – will appear before the court 37 of Metropolitan Court on September 4.

The Bombay Supreme Court ordered the IWC to investigate the death after the crime lawyer Yug Chaudhry had filed a petition on behalf of the Julfar family.

The IWC has charged API Shaikh and Naik Chandrakant Shirkar police under section 304 (Part II) (manslaughter not constituting murder), 330 (causing injuries voluntarily to obtain confessions) and 34 (to several persons in common intention) Criminal Code of India.

According to the additional statement of charges, Shaikh and Shirkar beat Julfar bare hands and with a flour mill belt knowing that the blows were likely to cause injury to Julfar.

The autopsy report, the opinion of the Medical Board of the Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, witness statements stated that 21 external injuries in the body were caused by Julfar police personnel.

Disappointed lawyer
Chaudhry, however, was disappointed with the amount of compensation. “Do Rs 1 lakh is the price of a human life? Is life so cheap?” Ad.

According to Chaudhry, not only Shirkar Shaikh and have not been arrested, but the belt of the flour factory and the hook that was attached Julfar were not detained.

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