Mumbai: BMC has plans to take over Kalidas Natyamandir

Mumbai: BMC has plans to take over Kalidas Natyamandir

In a move that could trigger another fight between the Shiv Sena and the BJP, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) wants to take over the art room Mahakavi Kalami Natanamandir renovated official Mulund of the Sports Complex in Priyadarshini alleged irregularities and financial losses.

Priyadarshini Sports Complex, in places where the art scene is located, has been entrusted to a Brihanmumbai Krida and Lalitkala Pratisthan (BKLP) trust under a 30-year lease in 1990. Currently, BKLP, which runs the theater sports complex And art, is led by the leader of Shiv Sena, Adesh Bandekar.

The civic body has recently renovated Kalidas Natyamandir after passing R27 crore and opens on 18 July.

According to a report prepared by garden department officials who manages the sports complex, according to the agreement, although major structural repairs are performed by BMC, minor repairs and routine maintenance must be performed by BKLP.

Authorities have suggested in the report that, as the BMC has spent so much on repairs, it should take art theater and execute it. This will also help the BMC to earn income.

BMC begins its repairs
However, when the renewal of Kalidas Natyamandir was launched in 2015, it was found that BKLP failed to maintain the terms and conditions.

After that, the civic corps has begun only renewal. According to civil officials, this has been added to the financial burden on the BMC, and was in violation of the terms and conditions.

Local BJP leader Prakash Gangadhare accused the trust of administrative irregularities, illegal activities and increase the financial burden of the company.

Gangadhare claimed: “The trust that uses the facilities of a sports complex for commercial purposes.” Several illegal alterations were made within the complex.

In addition, management earns Rs allowing peaks for weddings and parties, but they have not paid a cent of BMC.

He added: “Under the agreement, which was the responsibility of the trust to make reparations for their profits, but the civic body had to spend around Rs 70 to Rs 75 million rupees during the last 25 years repair and maintenance. Is completely illegal and in violation of the agreement. ”

Highlighting some alleged irregularities, Gangadhare said: “The trust makes money to give local rental, but most of the time, the pool is closed. In addition, they have been transformed into AC locker rooms that are rented for commercial purposes.

The sports area was transformed into a banquet room. ”
“No irregularities”
The head of confidence Adesh Bandekar, however, denied the allegations.

He said … “There are no irregularities in the management of the trust that there are 16 members in the decisions of confidence are taken by the board, not a person who is in the office of honor.I execute the decisions taken by the board” .

Another leader of the Seine said: “Of the 16 members, 11 members are part of the BMC. If an investigation is needed, it must be to the whole of the trust.

The municipal commissioner himself is a member of the board, so his role will also be installed.

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