The baby doll and her beau?

The baby doll and her beau?

Pretty Baby Doll performer Kanika Kapoor and his alleged new brother, Aditya Kilachand, son of writer Shobhaa De, all day painted red from southern France last week.

The couple was spotted in happy spirits with a group of friends at the glamorous beach club at the Palms in St Tropez, on what appears to be a margarita and a white linen lunch this weekend.

And a source tells us that couples who took advantage of their trip to the Riviera then boarded a luxury yacht that sailed across the Mediterranean.

Diamonds all the way
It was, according to those who attended, a real cruise party this weekend in St Tropez, in the heart of the Riviera, when the heiress Carol Diamond Asscher (which the company is responsible for cutting some of the world’s most famous diamonds, Including the Cullinan diamond presented to King Edward VII), organized a lively multi-event celebration for large rolls of Europe to bring his 50th and eighteenth anniversary of his son Nicholas.

Going back to an earlier epoch of extravagance and full of spectacular live acts, a hashtag of its own (18 and 50shadesofpink), a dress code theme (pink haute couture) and the famous Italian tenor Andre Bocelli invited, the seamstress occasionally saw A stream of Indian guests, many of whom were in the area at the time of fashion week in Paris. And in this meeting of sybarite sybarite extraordinary primary Lalit Modi could not be from far away? “I wish you both the best year of the year full of love and laughter.

Here the lady with the biggest heart “, which she published in social media the next day. On the other hand, the last birthday party Asscher, a sumptuous million dollar in Venice, was there five years, while 500 of his Close friends, including Ivanka Trump, had celebrated for three days and four nights!

A woman never reveals her time, but the word comes when Chhaya Momaya made a big birthday in the second half of this month that will see the event organizer to put her fine skills in organizing an elegant event for her friends.
The doors open

So does the serendipity. Speaking a sumptuous Sunday afternoon to design Krsnaa Mehta entrepreneur (observing the exorcist!), Including the new store in vibrant Kala Ghoda, Circus of India, seems to have made a special hole in the heart of the city, we are in a spoon .

We call Mehta apologize for our laxity in accepting your invitation to visit the half-dozen very attractive events that the store has received since it opened its doors.

Zeeba Khan, Uma Punjabi, Krsnaa Mehta, Meghna and Chuganee Shalini Sood
Zeeba Khan, Uma Punjabi, Krsnaa Mehta, Meghna and Chuganee Shalini Sood
“We have not even gone to see the new Zara store in Fort,” we say with an explanation.

His store, which seems to be as colorful as its creator, has already gained recognition by having generously hosted a variety of fun-filled events that not only brought a kick but attention.

“It started with NGO Rachel Wawn Befriend then we partnered with OM creations that rehabilitate and train young people able to differentiate, celebrate disability capacity, giving them a platform to sell their products, and I had two of my friends who cook Two months in the year and a florist selling their products, “says Mehta, a descendant of a design family, who associates with Godrej cleverly for the label started as an online business.

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