From fake rape story to man who spiked tourists’ coffee:Top 5 stories from Mumbai

From fake rape story to man who spiked tourists’ coffee:Top 5 stories from Mumbai

While a student in Mumbai claimed that he had been kidnapped to harass a friend, a scammer claims to receive foreign tourists to India, but since they had been drinking their coffee noted steal their valuables.

Meanwhile, while the IIT-Bombay has justified the need to raise rates in response to student strike, Maharashtra farmers resume their protests today.

1. The student of the University of Mumbai was not raped or abducted, is a story prepared after watching television programs for harassing a friend

The alleged college student having been drafted in an Ecco car, taken to an isolated and raped Charkop were fake, police said Monday, adding that she has prepared the story after watching the television series to avenge her friend .

2. Police say that the Mumbai model fought with gunmen had a head injury; Two detainees

The Mumbai model Kritika Chaudhary, 26, whose decomposed body was found at his residence June 12 Andheri fought with his killers and also had a head injury, according to police. Two people were arrested in connection with the case on Monday.

3. Despite higher costs, IIT-Bombay still lose Rs8.35 per year, according to the report

In the past six years, funds not planted central government allocated to the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT-B) was reduced Rs3 lakh to 2 lakh rupees, a student, adjusted for inflation, according to a report published by Institute Friday.
4. How the man who told tourists atithi devo bhava ‘, broke his coffee, stole his money stirred in Mumbai

“Atithi devo bhava” was the phrase that person of 27 years was used to convince foreign tourists in Mumbai that he wanted to be his friend. Once you have earned your trust, you will be invited to have the “best cup of coffee in Mumbai” at nearby cafes. After drinking the drink and the strong unconscious fall, he would jump his valuables and flee.

5. Maharashtra farmers resume protest for global lending exemption today, moving from Nashik to Pune

Farmers’ costumes in Maharashtra are planning to revive the demonstrations on Monday. Their demand: a general exemption for the loan and application of the Swaminathan Committee report, suggesting a minimum support price (MSP) of 50% for crops, in addition to the cost of entry.

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