Cooperative societies on govt land: Maharashtra regularises sale and transfer of flats

Cooperative societies on govt land: Maharashtra regularises sale and transfer of flats

The Maharashtra government has modified the rules for the transfer and sale of apartments in housing cooperatives located on leased public land to allow the regularization of unauthorized transactions.

Although the new rules are applicable statewide, highly cited government sources said the measure would benefit older housing companies belonging to service bureaucrats and retirees, police and court officials south of South Mumbai.

The decision comes at a time in the office of the collector Mumbai issued notices to these high-level companies for such illegal transfers.

State service revenues, by virtue of which the collector spreads, however, brought a Government resolution on July 7, which now recognizes these transfers. Officials confirmed that these orders were issued after the approval of the Minister of Finance and Minister Chandrakant Patil Chief Devendra Fadnavis.

Because the land was handed over to the government and companies have attributed that land under a right of rent or occupation, previous authorization of the district collector’s office by membership in such a business is mandatory. The sale, sale or donation of these apartments without the permission of the government is prohibited.

The resolution of the ministry, which was signed by Deputy Secretary Rajendra Kshirsagar, said: “In many cases, it was found that the companies violated the rules for the granting of authorizing such transfers and admitted no new members prior authorization by the government. ”

With respect to these violations as consummated, the July 7 ruling ordered district attorneys to accept proposals to recognize these transfers after enforcement.

District attorneys have been asked to issue administrative authorizations in such cases, after examining whether the new member has met the other eligibility requirements. On the other hand, the government also decided to recognize the illegal resale of apartments of new members admitted.

Another area of ​​controversy is the elimination of curbs on the eligibility of members of newly approved cases. The government’s resolution stipulates that “the eligibility conditions of founding members will not apply to new incomes.”

Citing one example, a government source said, “By allocating land to a company, including high-level bureaucrats in south Mumbai, the government had imposed the condition that all members of society should be civil servants or Members of the judiciary.

During an inspection of the facilities, it was found that some apartments were sold or transferred to the private sector employees as well. “The source, who asked not to be identified, said:” The removal of the sidewalk was also necessary, since in some cases it was found that certain last collectors had neglected this condition, while the approval of the transfer of the members of the society “.

However, transfer rates and penalties have hit all beneficiaries. In order to reduce additional income, the government has linked the transfer rate of membership to market values.

For example, the transfer of membership within five years following the formation of such enterprises in Mumbai (island city) will be charged at the rate of $ 1,000 per square foot, or 3% of the expected repetition rate in The area – the greater of the two. A respective bottom slab came for transfers after 10 and 15 years of training.

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