Alexa devices get deep discounts for Amazon Prime Day

Alexa devices get deep discounts for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon has deeply discouraged its two most popular devices nowadays Alexa, Eco and Eco Dot, while starting retailer annual sales bonus day.

Starting tonight at 6 am PT, the Echo will receive a 50 percent price reduction, making it $ 89.99, and Echo Dot’s $ 15 drop, which will reduce to $ 34.99. Meanwhile, bluetooth speaker with Alexa Amazon, Amazon Tap, is $ 50 off, making it $ 79.90.

The sale of Eco Dot is remarkable, since a recent study of e-commerce Adobe identified the smart speaker Alexa the best seller of the Amazon range Eco.

Their report indicated that the lower Dot price attracted consumers who may have seen the device as an affordable way to dip their feet in the waters of voice data without participating in the greater echo. Now, for the first day, Dot the lowest price ever.

Gadgets Google sold well during the holidays of 2016, with an end of year exit, according to the report, but echo Dot quickly captured and passed.

In the first quarter of the year, the point carried out the sale of smart speakers, accounting for 53% of the market compared to 30% of Google’s main share. (Adobe expected sales not owners – which means those who are out of Amazon and Google’s first stores. This gives us a window on the popularity of the device, but not the full image we must keep in mind.)

However, even at a ratio of 30 percent, Google has Echo to other devices, including the original and Amazon Eco Tap.

With Bonus Day, Amazon’s decision to lower the point of echo to its increasingly low prices could help consolidate its leadership in the market, giving new impetus to the retailer. And updating the 50 percent echo, Amazon could eliminate older inventory – perhaps before a hardware upgrade.

It would be a timely measure by Amazon, as Apple’s entry into the vocal speakers, the HomePod, is due to arrive at the end of this year. As Apple’s device is more for music lovers than those who want a smart speaker, Amazon could thwart an improved and more efficient echo response.

Amazon, however, has been at the forefront of smart speakers – other studies have said that Amazon should control 70% of the market this year. The increase in sales of echo devices during the first day will not help to overcome more; This is not the person behind.

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