What the farmers want is best price for crop: Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that no decision has yet been taken regarding granting a credit exemption to state farmers. In an exclusive interview with ET, his first major media interaction since the agitation of farmers in state headlines made, Chouhan said that farmers want good prices for their crops and blamed the “antisocial elements” for recent violence.
The statement contrasts sharply with agricultural lending exemptions offered by CM of Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra, Bharatiya Janata.
Chouhan told ET that the government carefully analyze the problem before making an announcement. “Agricultural loans exceptions become a popular slogan, but we have to think if what farmers really want.” I have spent the last two days with the farmers, they want the best price for their products and do not give up agricultural loans. ”
MP CM said that 72% of state farmers had paid their loans to nationalized banks over time. “The defaulters are few and I think it is unfair for the many farmers who do not share. In turn, we have developed a Samadhan scheme for farmers and 28% who are not able to pay the loans on time. Loans at a 0% interest “.
Chouhan said farmers’ problems were mainly due to exceptional yields in the state this year because of government policies to provide ‘the best seeds, fertilisers and financial assistance to farmers.’
Congress played “border role” of violence, says Chouhan
“Agricultural productivity MP increased by 20% a year in the last five years. Our policy of acquisition was also the best, as farmers have been the priority for me.These problems are due to the abundant harvest and Demand and the Supply, which must be addressed, “said the CM.
Chouhan said that the biggest and only challenge for the state government was to ensure that farmers receive a fair price for their culture and there are good facilities for the treatment of products.
He said the state government is trying to mitigate farmers’ losses through decisions such as buying onions at 8 kilograms. “We have to determine what to do with so many onions, there are costs associated with storage and transportation logistics, we want private players to help us and we can subsidise up to 50%.” If nothing works, we distribute the onions to the poor at Rs 2 per Kg “.
Deputy CM said that his government has formed an organization to develop a formula to calculate the fair price for agricultural products so that farmers are not losing and can invest in good seeds and market products.
Chouhan also said that the Mandsaur incident, where five farmers were killed and several injured last week, were not due to agitation by farmers. “I can say that no one who showed the farmers are violent parliamentarians.” These are antisocial elements systematically organised by some forces, and given gasoline, stones and dialogues to create an atmosphere of violence. Stripped and burned the outposts police in Mandsaur after the police shot on June 6 The Center has brought 1 100 members of the riot police in the city, as well as five battalions of paramilitary forces to the state to quell the violence.

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