4 cups of milk

3 tsp of Brown & Poison custard powder all three different flavours 21/2 tsp of sugar or as per your taste

almonds and walnuts – a handful


To prepare the sauce: Heat the milk in a thick bottomed pan. Remove 3-4 tbsp of the milk while still luke warm. Mix each of the different flavoured Brown & Poison custard in 1 tbsp of milk each. On low fire continue to boil the rest of the milk, stirring all the time so that the milk is reduced to three fourths. Add the sugar and stir till the sugar melts. Divide this milk into three portions and in each portion mix a different flavour of custard. Take a short glass and place one flavour of prepared Brown & Poison custard.


Keep in the fridge for it to set. Then pour the second flavour and keep in the fridge to set and lastly pour the final layer and set it in the fridge.

Top with nuts . If you are unable to get different flavoured Brown & Poison custard then add 2-3 tsp of chocolate sauce to the Brown & Poison vanilla flavour custard to get the look of chocolate and to the third portion add 2-3 tsp of strawberry sauce.



2 bananas

cake decoration

  • cup of prepared

Brown & Poison vanilla custard

4-5 tbsp of oil


Heat oil in the non stick pan.


Peel the bananas and cut these horizontally.

Dip each of the banana pieces in the Brown & Poison custard and fry in the non stick pan. Top with the cake decorations. These cake decorations would melt but these give it a colourful and rustic appearance.


_________  >

Custard Powder §


Teen fashion
treng^ 2009

because of the downturn. There will be more playing with sheer fabric rather than embroidery and other embellishments. Accessories such as scarves and stoles will be a big hit in changing the looks of garments and creating a winning combination.”

As far as ethnic wear is concerned one will see a return to strong Indian colours and old-world charm – huge crystal and fake stone embellish­ments on saris and lehengas will be replaced with muted embroidery and sophisticated elegance. Designer Ritu Kumar feels, “Kurtis, teamed with anything from trousers to churidars will be in vogue. Khadi will be a big hit and the predominant colour for the summers will be white.” Apart from the traditional gota embroidery, the innovative techni­ques of embroidery like hand-sown applique and digitally-printed sequins will be in trend. Indian traditional dresses like saris, lehengas and Ghagras will have heavy embellish­ments and works of kalmkaari and aari.

Metallic is going to be essential; they work for day and evening – whether it’s your nails, accessories or a whole outfit. Designers are convinced that metallic will continue

In the current year, blue is the colour to look out for. Blue dresses, blue jeans, blue T-shirts – anything will do. Just make sure to pair it with bright colours like orange, yellow and red. 2009 will see floral prints being back in vogue. Multi­coloured ‘maxi dress’ is another teen trend that is going to be popular in the coming year. As for the prints, apart from the floral, unusual geometrical patterns will be seen.

Talking about embellishments, sequins are going to rule the roost in 2009. Short dresses, adorned with a lot of sequins and combined with suede ankle boots, is just the look for the teenagers this year.

Denims were, are and will be popular as long as humans continue to exist. However, the cut in jeans has tapered down to make way for slim pants, especially the

to remain popular through this year, their opinions on how much ‘bling’ will make the cut differ. While designer Preeti Seth believes that there will be an overdose of loud hues and heavily sequined textures, Vipul Shah thinks metallic will go more mute and matte.

Colours of the year: When it comes to colours for the seasons, all


ones that can be worn with knee- high boots.

Kareena Kapoor wore harem pants in Jab We Met, and they became a fad overnight. Harem pants are utterly feminine and chic. Harem pants give you volume at the bottom and thus are comfor­table and stylish. Capris will continue to be popular in the coming year as well. If you team it up with a casual but stylish T-shirt, you are ready to rock and roll all the way around. Now accessories form a part of your everyday wear. Belts, chains and scarves, along with chunky earrings and bracelets, will dominate 2009. This year, fake crocodile or patent-leather bags are sure to make heads turn. Flat shoes are very likely to be seen in 2009. Comfortable and stylish canvas flats are also something to look out for.

the designers are unanimous in their opinion but each of them has nevertheless offered a take on outstanding hues for 2009.

Intense hues of pink, blue and red will do well, set off by neutral touches. Given the current somber economic mood, people will want to keep things simple but attractive.

For Vipul. it’s white, yellow, cream and fuchsia for spring, black, brown and grey for winter. Preeti also thinks black, mud cake brown and teal will be good for winter, while blue and green will rule the roost through the year.

The colours for summer are serene yet bubbly – coral reds, flaming orange, shades of white and ecru, yolk and ochre yellows, mint green, peaches and blues. There is a focus on neutral colours and transparent fabrics, white is going to be hot, moving on to lighter hues of creams, ivories, beiges, browns, fawns merging into pinks, greens, yellows, mustards, blues and eventually graduating to blacks, blues, navy and magentas. Such an oscillating colour palette made sure that spring is celebrated in its true spirits.

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