According to the European study I earlier mentioned, the Danes are the happiest people in the world and have been top of the happiness table for more than 30 years. And the reason for this, again from the report, is that they have low expectations. They ive in the present and qualify all good things by adding the words, “ligu nu L gu nu means “just now but pernaps not in the future”. Those are the words with which the Danes greet any good news – like the news that they top the happiness table. In other words.

On tne otner hand, the response of most of us when good things happer. s to expect something better to follow. Your son got a 93% average n :ne tenth standard board exams? You say to him, “Good! Mummy and daddy are proud of you. But try to get 98% in the twelfth standard. Then you can get a medical seat.’

Wome- -ave fought for many decades al o.er the world for equal rights with ~en. And they have largely succeeded. But are they happier tnan tne. were earlier? One would expect tnem to be, but a study conducted by Wharton University economists has discovered that they are not.

Again the cause is expectations. The study found that the expectations of women had risen faster than the speed with which society was able to meet them.

So what should we do? Should we lower our expectations so as to be happy? Or should we work harder to fulfill our dreams? Actually it’s not a case of one or the other. We should follow Buddha’s advice of living in the present instead of reaching out for a future prize. Or we can adopt the philosophy of karma yoga – working to the best of our ability, but not in the expectation of any reward or fruit. Remember happiness is a state of mind.


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